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The Journey of the "Dancing Lights"

Are you wondering where did dancing lights come from or why is it in our city?  Here's our story broken down for all to enjoy!

Christmas Decorations


Oskaloosa, Iowa, has long been illuminated by the "Painting with Lights" project, an initiative that began in 2016. This tradition, embracing the community's spirit, has been a cornerstone of the city's holiday celebrations. The first "twinkle in the eye" in 2021, was the Geese purchasing an incredible new tree for the city square.  That spark, albeit unknown at the time, would in 2023 grow into this luminous legacy with the introduction of "Dancing Lights."

Painting with Lights: The Origin Story

The journey began in 2016 with "Painting with Lights," a project transforming downtown Oskaloosa into a vibrant canvas of light. Local businesses and individuals generously contributed, illuminating buildings, fostering a sense of warmth and community.


The Golden Goose Club: Catalysts of Change:

The Golden Goose Club, formed in the same year, played a pivotal role in enhancing these efforts. Their dedication to community improvement led to the installation of LED lights and upgrades to the bandstand's sound system, enriching the sensory experience of the project.

The Birth of Dancing Lights:

In 2023, Oskaloosa introduced "Dancing Lights," a project distinct from "Painting with Lights" yet complementing it beautifully. This initiative, funded by the Golden Goose Club, features a synchronized light show designed by Jeremiah Maudlin. Incorporating 35,000 lights choreographed to music, it adds a dynamic and enchanting dimension to the holiday festivities.


Community Impact and Future Aspirations:

Together, "Painting with Lights" and "Dancing Lights" symbolize the evolution of a tradition, each contributing uniquely to the festive atmosphere. They represent the community's commitment to creativity and collaboration, making Oskaloosa a beacon of holiday spirit.


As Oskaloosa shines brightly each year from Thanksgiving to New Year's, it's a reminder of the power of community, innovation, and shared joy. The combined allure of "Painting with Lights" and "Dancing Lights" continues to captivate residents and visitors alike, symbolizing the heart and soul of Oskaloosa.

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