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Jeremiah Maudlin

Light Guy

After watching a simple YouTube video post by a man named Tom BetGeorge with the song Carol of the Bells by Trans Siberian Orchestra back in 2010, Jeremiah knew that one day he wanted to build a lighting display himself. Starting in 2017, that is exactly what he did. Starting with just a few hundred lights, over the course of the next 5 years expanded by 10's thousands of pixel lights, 18 ft' tall fire torches, moving head stage lights, fog machines, CO2 cannons, Lazer projectors, inflatable characters, and last but not least even a few plain' ol' Christmas lights from Wal-Mart. Thousands of people over the years made it a tradition to come by his home in the middle of nowhere to see what sort of holiday light display he had created for the year. When Vicky got his number via a mutual friend of his mother's, all it took was a few minutes conversation and Vicky's vision was on its way to becoming reality.

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